Gmail letting People browse Websites in their Email

gmail AMP for email

Google will soon allow Gmail users the ability to view and browse websites that use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) as part of their design.  AMP allows mobile devices, such as tablets and smart phones, to better display websites.  This responsive technology recognizes the type of device and displays the site accordingly.  The feature, called AMP for Email, makes it so that developers can make emails that are “more interactive and engaging.”  The developers can embed widgets in emails that are constantly updated and that include actionable functions, without having to leave Gmail.  Google is said to reward websites with AMP designed into them by giving them a slight improvement to search engine rank.  AMP is known to load significantly faster than traditional built web pages, when viewed on a mobile device.

AMP for Email is open-source so developers can freely edit the code so that there is better capabilities.  There are some websites that are already developing features into AMP for Email, which include, Pinterest, and Doodle.  Current features include the ability to RSVP for events, browse and interact with content, and fill out forms, without having to leave the email.  This has become increasingly important as the number of people using smart phones and tablets continues to grow.

Google is planning to release AMP for Email later this year.  Interested developers can get a preview by signing in through Google.

E-Leather Raises £70 Million through Green Technology Sewing

Green technology has enabled a start-up company specializing in leather-making raise £70M in one of the most significant venture deals in Europe in 2018. This is a fresh investment that was led by ETF partners working in partnership with GPE funds managed by Hermes. The investment round was designed to avail funds to put up the E-Leather manufacturing plant with the goal of ramping its global sales operations. The facility will be launched and become fully operational in early 2019 according to news reports by the company’s president.

He went on to explain that the funding marked the most significant milestone in the development of the facility. Once established, it will help the company expand its global reach, boosting its performance and providing existing customers with new requests through technology innovation and product development. The site will also enable the company to produce environmentally friendly products that will find their way into new markets, giving the green technology a broader platform for expansion.

The green technology concept took root in September 2018 when the Peterborough-based made an agreement with Nike, the sports giant company, to create the Nike Flyleather shoes, made from 50 percent recycled fibers. Nike has commended E-Leather for the innovation, noting that it is a game-changer product that is designed for use across the footwear range.
In the company’s report, it was revealed that the production process requires 90 percent less water. The carbon emission is 80 percent lower than emitted in the processing of traditional leather, and the products are lighter and more durable.

Nike has for a long time preferred the use of leather across many of its footwear styles, but production of the products accounts for the second most significant contribution to carbon emissions and water usage. The new product, Flyleather is predicted to be the next best invention that will be used to create clothing and shoes under the Nike brand according to a statement by E-Leather.Other areas in which the startup hopes to venture is seating upholstery for rail firms, bus operators, and a targeted 150 airlines.

E-Leather’s envisions itself as the number one firm in the use of scrap fabrics to turn a green profit. In collaboration with like-minded companies and funding organizations, the start-up is confident that its innovative ideas will play a role in reducing carbon emissions. Aquafil is an example of another green technology company which is using nylon scrapings from the factory floor to make ECONYL that can be used to create everything and anything ranging from swimwear to carpets. ECONYL merely is recycled nylon that has undergone a strengthening process.

E-Leather recently got into a significant legal agreement with Genomatica, a bioengineering company, to create a viable, plant-based ingredient that the companies believe will be the breakthrough in reducing the damage created on the environment through the nylon supply chain. In the agreement, the firms have agreed on the production of plant-based caprolactam, which will be the primary ingredient used during the recycling of scrap materials. For energy efficiency, they will rely on solar energy which is less costly.

By Madeline Cuff 09 Feb 2018

Tech Innovator Elon Musk Launches Tesla Car into Space

Tesla roadster

The Falcon Heavy, which is the most powerful rocket ever launched, needed something to carry, for testing purposes.  Rather than send the usual junk into space, Mr Musk decided it would be a great opportunity to advertise his other project; Tesla, by launching an actual, full-functioning Tesla roadster vehicle into space.  And it worked!

The car, and dummy astronaut, will make their way toward a rendezvous with Mars.  It’s not clear if the vehicle will collide with Mars yet, but we do know that it will spend a very long time in space.

That SpaceX Falcon Heavy payload has been assigned an interplanetary ID: Tesla Roadster (AKA: Starman, 2018-017A). The Trajectory name is tesla_s3.

What Will Aliens Think?

We expect that aliens will see the sheer genius of launching a car into space, before they take over Earth and force us to drive their own brand of vehicles.  Hopefully they do not try to communicate with the dummy and end up feeling snubbed by the lack of response.

Tesla wants its own Wisconsin Dealerships

On Tuesday, Tesla officials pressed Wisconsin legislators to let them create their own dealerships within the state.  The Tesla representatives stated that the company needs direct contact with customers in order to teach them about electric vehicle technology.

The Palo Alto, California company currently sells online and using its own dealerships, and its own employees to sell the vehicles.  Tesla has its own dealerships in almost two dozen states, but Wisconsin law prohibits car manufacturers from directly operating or controlling a dealership.  Republican lawmakers have introduced legislation that would exempt Tesla from the current prohibitive laws, which would allow Tesla to sell via its own retail shops.

The times are changing and many legislators feel that they must get with the program in order to satisfy the demands of the constituents.  Tesla attorney Jonathan Chang told the state Assembly and Senate transportation committees that driving a Tesla requires dramatic changes in driving habits.  The public hearing was packed as Chang stated that “it’s really a culture shift” and that Tesla has the need to directly communicate with potential buyers.  He went on to say that “franchise dealers aren’t able to sell these [Tesla] cars.  Dealers aren’t willing to invest that time.  We’re not here to overturn the franchise system.  It sells internal combustion engines well.  But the law shouldn’t be used to block new companies from entering the free market.”

Not everyone was thrilled with Tesla trying to circumvent the franchise system.  The Wisconsin Automobile and Truck Dealers Association pushed back, saying that the new bill would mean the end of franchise dealers.

Fans of the bill believe that they are greatly inconvenienced by having to go to faraway Minneapolis or Chicago to buy and service their vehicles.  The bill is AB 717/SB 605.