gmail AMP for email

Google will soon allow Gmail users the ability to view and browse websites that use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) as part of their design.  AMP allows mobile devices, such as tablets and smart phones, to better display websites.  This responsive technology recognizes the type of device and displays the site accordingly.  The feature, called AMP for Email, makes it so that developers can make emails that are “more interactive and engaging.”  The developers can embed widgets in emails that are constantly updated and that include actionable functions, without having to leave Gmail.  Google is said to reward websites with AMP designed into them by giving them a slight improvement to search engine rank.  AMP is known to load significantly faster than traditional built web pages, when viewed on a mobile device.

AMP for Email is open-source so developers can freely edit the code so that there is better capabilities.  There are some websites that are already developing features into AMP for Email, which include, Pinterest, and Doodle.  Current features include the ability to RSVP for events, browse and interact with content, and fill out forms, without having to leave the email.  This has become increasingly important as the number of people using smart phones and tablets continues to grow.

Google is planning to release AMP for Email later this year.  Interested developers can get a preview by signing in through Google.