Tech Innovator Elon Musk Launches Tesla Car into Space

Tesla roadster

The Falcon Heavy, which is the most powerful rocket ever launched, needed something to carry, for testing purposes.  Rather than send the usual junk into space, Mr Musk decided it would be a great opportunity to advertise his other project; Tesla, by launching an actual, full-functioning Tesla roadster vehicle into space.  And it worked!

The car, and dummy astronaut, will make their way toward a rendezvous with Mars.  It’s not clear if the vehicle will collide with Mars yet, but we do know that it will spend a very long time in space.

That SpaceX Falcon Heavy payload has been assigned an interplanetary ID: Tesla Roadster (AKA: Starman, 2018-017A). The Trajectory name is tesla_s3.

What Will Aliens Think?

We expect that aliens will see the sheer genius of launching a car into space, before they take over Earth and force us to drive their own brand of vehicles.  Hopefully they do not try to communicate with the dummy and end up feeling snubbed by the lack of response.